As the official kick-off post this will just be some meta housekeeping. One day this might be buried at the back of the notebook and should matter less than when it's the only post here.

The goal of this collection is to document some ideas and clear the brain for new ones. Along with software and programming my interests include music, bikes, bread, and reading.

Structurally, this digital notebook is just a quick home-rolled Node.js/Express/MySQL application ( From personal experience, I wanted a database which could be moved around and remain mutable pretty much indefinitely. I don't think you can say the same for all the static-blog-generated forests of directories and html files; the thought of having a few dozen blog posts in that format and deciding one day to migrate that data to some new technology is frightening. So why not keep it all in a couple tables with a few columns and leave it alone.

So nothing too fancy.